Prepare your         online training

Doing Interaction  

Pelajari lebih banyak mengenai bagaimana membangun interaksi yang tepat dengan peserta training secara online.

Perfect Content

Konten yang jelas dengan tampilan yang menarik akan membantu presentasi menjadi lebih mudah dipahami oleh peserta training dan tidak membosankan.

Great Presentation

Memahami hal-hal penting dalam presentasi online mulai dari opening, penyajian konten, dan closing akan membantu presentasi menjadi lebih baik.

Webinar & Online Training External

Beberapa  file presentasi dari webinar external yang diikuti oleh rekan-rekan PQM dan di-share kini dapat dilihat dan dipelajari bersama.

It's Time For The New Normal

Berdasarkan Wikipedia, new normal adalah sebuah istilah dalam bisnis dan ekonomi yang merujuk kepada kondisi keuangan usai krisis keuangan 2007-2008, resesi global 2008-2012, dan kondisi terbaru yang diakibatkan oleh pandemi Covid-19.

Sejak saat itu, istilah tersebut banyak digunakan pada berbagai konteks mulai dari penggunaan teknologi dalam pekerjaan dan pendidikan, perubahan arah bisnis perusahaan mengikuti tren pasar saat ini, cara baru manusia dalam berinteraksi dan menjalani kehidupan sosial, serta beragam aspek lainnya yang dulu belum terpikirkan akan terjadi namun kini sudah menjadi bagian hidup manusia.


Rekan-rekan punya file berupa artikel, jurnal, ebook terkait online training, webinar, practical new normal, dll? drop dulu aja nanti kami bantu publish di web page ini.


Rekan-rekan, punya sumber online artikel, jurnal, ebook terkait best practice new normal, online training dll? masukan aja dulu ke dalam list, nanti kami bantu explore 

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Product Design and the Supply Chain


Buku ini memaparkan bagaimana keputusan yang diambil di tahap desain dalam suatu siklus produk bisa berdampak pada nilai produk tersebut.

Product Design and the Supply Chain berisi studi kasus dan contoh yang dapat diaplikasikan pada industri. Buku ini menunjukkan bagaimana desain berdampak pada keuntungan penjualan, pricing, kapan waktunya memasarkan produk, biaya manufaktur dan rantai pasok, risiko rantai pasok, serta brand royalty.

Cari tahu bagaimana peran strategis desain produk dalam rantai pasok dapat mentransformasi kegiatan Anda saat ini serta batasan dalam organisasi. 

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Choosing Leadership Workbook : create a better future by building your courage, capacity, and wisdom

by Linda Ginzel

When do you choose to lead? Linda Ginzel, has spent years of studying social psychology and teaching in business school classrooms. Her unique perspective on leadership development acknowledges that the self is a work in progress and that leadership is a skill, not a trait, honed through both reflection and practice. The first act? Choosing to lead. This book will not tell you how to lead. It will show you how to build your own path to effective leadership in all aspects of your life. What are you waiting for?

Thoughtful exercises and activities help you mine your own experiences, learn to recognize behavior patterns, and make better choices so that you can create better futures. You'll learn how to:

- Define leadership for yourself and move beyond stereotypes

- Distinguishing between leadership and management and when to use each skill

- Recognize the gist of a situation and effectively communicate it with others

- Learn from the experience of others as well as your own

- Identify your "default settings" and become your own coach

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Creating Lean Dealers : the lean route to satisfied customers, productive employees and profitable retailers

by David Brunt and John Kiff

This workbook is the result of almost ten year's research and practical experience with pioneering dealers of all sizes and franchises across Europe -- shows how Lean can deliver a step-change improvement across your business inn:

- 'Customer fulfillment' -- the right first time on time experience for customers -- leading to greater customer satisfaction, word-of mouth recommendation and profitability.

- The involvement and commitment of staff -- leading to greater job satisfaction, higher staff retention and productivity and better customer service.

- The returns for shareholders -- by progressively eliminating non-value-creating activity.


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Quality Progress 
July 2020 Issue

The New Normal

Challenges around Covid-19 and supply chains will test organizations like never before, and for years to come.

Solving Statistical 

Make use of the Monte Carlo method to understand why customers and suppliers sometimes can perceive product defect rates differently.

Opportunity or Burden?

Fuel problem-solving efforts and open up opportunities for your organization by bringing back the closed analytical loop.

The Building Block of TIME

The second installment of a two-part series on the new method designed to sustain innovation within organizations.


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Training & Development June 2020 Issue

Making the Switch The six-step audit process will help you convert in-person training to a virtual course.

The Path Forward Amid Covid-19 Using augmented reality to engage learners isn't as difficult as it seems.

Cut the Fat Use lean learning to demonstrate business impact.

Go Micro Microcredentials show employers you have the skills they seek.

Simulation as a Lever for Change Use immersive exercises to advance your change management initiatives.

What's Your Change Attitude? Know how to work with people who view change differently from you.

Growth and Leadership Deltek's rising head count set in motion a leadership development program that would scale to the company's needs.

5 Ways to Get Buy-In for AI in HR

Here are few recommendations for adopting AI for your recruiting operations.

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The Art of Executive Coaching : Secrets to unlock leadership performance

Author : Nadine Greiner

This book was written to inform, entertain, and inspire you. Through the nine stories presented here and the practical advice sprinkled throughout, you will follow an experienced coach as she guides her clients through the challenging process of change. You will see these individuals struggle to change their personal and leadership styles--and triumph. You will watch as they overcome their resistance, illuminate their blind spots, and adopt new ways of relating and managing. 

At the end of the book, you will understand why coaching works so well--why it is able to achieve such dramatic results in a relatively short time. And you will begin to learn how coaching works--techniques that are most effective in bringing about a positive outcome.

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Benchmarking for Hospitals : Achieving best-in-class performance without having to reinvent the  wheel

Author : Victor E. Sower, et. al.

This book is about benchmarking in hospitals—identifying and learning how best-in-class hospitals achieved excellence. It is organized to allow readers with no prior knowledge of the benchmarking process to understand and apply it. In addition, case studies  are provided of best-in-clas hospitals to enable the reader to understand how they attained best-in-class status. The case studies contain sufficient detail to actually enable hospitals to conduct a "first cut" at benchmarking.

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Armstrong's Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice 13th ed.

Author : Michael Armstrong

A bestselling and definitive resource for HRM students and professionals to understand and implement HR in relation to the needs of the business as a whole. It contains in-depth coverage of all the areas essential to the HR function such as employment law, employee relations, learning and development, performance and reward, as well as the HR skills needed to ensure professional success, including those related to leadership, managing conflict, interviewing and using statistics.

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Baldrige Award Winning Quality 18th ed.

Author : Mark Graham Brown

The book guides a company through all stages in the process. From understanding the scoring system to preparing for a site visit, Baldrige Award Winning Quality provides a comprehensive plan for any type of company.

Offering a detailed explanation of each of the 17 Examination Items and the 36"Areas to Address" that compose the seven major categories, this classic guide reveals what examiners look for in each area and suggests what to include.

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Design Thinking A Guide to Creative Problem Solving for Everyone

Author : Andrew Pressman

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Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

Author : Idris Mootee

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